How do I make a claim?

The first step in making an insurance claim is to contact 0508 637 237, or +61 3 8687 1886 if you’re calling from overseas, or you can email

The team will guide you through the claims process, beginning with giving you clear information on your policy and sending out any required forms for your claim.

What type of information will I need to provide when making an insurance claim?

The information you need to provide when making an insurance claim will vary depending on the type of claim you are making. The claim forms detail the information needed to assess your claim. Should you have any questions you can call 0508 637 237.

What happens once I have returned the claim form?

Once you submit your insurance claim form, your claim will be assessed within five working days of receipt. At this point you will be advised if we need any additional information. You will be kept updated as the claim is processed, but if you have any questions in the meantime, call 0508 637 237.

How will your claim be handled?

A straightforward promise is made when it comes to handling insurance claims for all customers: to make it as simple and stress-free as possible. In order to live up to this promise, four central values have been developed that guide the way every customer and their claim is handled.


All Cigna insurance claim handlers are trained to deal with your claim professionally and effectively. They take responsibility for gathering the information required from you in order to ensure your claim can be evaluated accurately and in a timely fashion.


All claims will be paid according to the provision of the policy without unnecessary documentation or delay. Once you submit your insurance claim form, Cigna will complete an assessment of your claim within five working days of receipt. At this point, you will be advised if any additional information is needed and you will be kept updated as your claim is processed.


Whether on the phone or in writing, all communication with you will be polite and respectful.


Every single claim is approached with an open-mind and all customers will be treated impartially. Invalid claims will be declined promptly and respectfully and invalid or fraudulent claims will be resisted.

To make a claim or find out more information, please call 0508 637 237.